Maine kuch likha hai!

We really don’t need religions to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong, you lack empathy and not religion 💯

Day before yesterday we all got the news of misfortune that happened in Pulwama.

I really want to know where this world is heading towards??? The whole thing is done in the name of ” jannat naseeb hogi”

Like really ?? In this way??

किसी को अनाथ बना कर?? या फिर किसी को विधवा(widow) बना कर?? या फिर उस माँ-बाप को बेसहारा बना कर जो अपने बेटे की एक फोन के इंतज़ार में जी रहे होते हैं?

And after a long wait they get a phone call that “आपका बेटा शहीद हो गया” ???

I really want to say that there is someone keeping all the records of your deeds!!

“अल्लाह से तो डरो” 💫

Here these people talk about Nationality, constantly bragging about Hinduism and Islam.

We Indians have a patriotic song with lines ” मजहब नहीं सिखाता आपस में बैर रखना”

If i am not wrong “मजहब” is an urdu word and the meaning can be found in Quran Sharif.

If you can’t respect any other religion, atleast respect your own holy book.

Is it written to kill people and give their families an endless sleepless nights??

Be pragmatic a bit 💯

I can really feel the pain of families who got the news of losing their loved ones. Will they be able to accept the fact they are no more??? Probably not!!!! Never ever!!!

सच ही तो है ” दर्द उसको समझता है जीसपे बीती है” । जीसके अपने अब साथ नहीं हैं ” ।

I don’t know what is more sad???

” To sob over a dead body?? Or to sob, not having a dead body???”

(लाश से लीपटकर जी भर के रोना??? या फिर लीपटकर रोने के लिए लाश ही ना होना???)


Just my thoughts!



Things that i never want to change!

Life is mortal but change isn’t.

There are alot of things in life that we wish to stand still so that we can cherish for lifetime.

• That smile in your father’s face when he teaches you how to ride a bicycle and you make a successful attempt.

• That sabre-rattling of your mom-dad where you enjoy being a spectator.

• That wait of your mom-dad when they are out and they are suppose to get something for you.

• When you have a fight with your mom and your father takes your side inspite of being aware of the fact that you are wrong.

• Taking a piece of advice with your parents when you feel that you are in the middle of no where.

• That innocent fight with your sister when she wears your clothes without permission.

• When you keep your nose to grindstone and achieve your milestone. This gives your parents a smile that is the most precious things in life which money can’t buy.

• That teary eyes of parents during your “ vidaai” . That is the only moment in your life when you don’t want to stop that pearl from the eyes of your parents.

• That proud moment when you are getting married with your love with your parent’s support. The gleam in the couple’s eyes is something magical.

• And at times you are all alone savouring and sipping in to the memories of your loved ones knowing the fact that they can’t be with us physically because yes they are with god “ safe and sound”. That nostalgic dive and feeling the presence is something euphoric.

Hahhh!! There are still alot of things that you never want to change but yes it is something you don’t have control upon.

And i will end it like this-

“The imprint that some instances left on me is so strong, it might just be enough to keep me going but never to be fully whole.”

Live life to the fullest because you never know when you slept alive for the last time💯

“Either swim across the littoral or inundate ” ♾

There are many people rattling about success.

And there comes a mob who are disappointed when they fail to achieve the same. I am too naive to understand all these but one thing i have learned is that ” The day your success will be as important as your breathing, you will never ever fail” Mind you never. ♾

It’s all about the mindset we carry and how insane we are for our goals. Jack doesn’t work when it comes to hardwork. There is no shortcut to it. The more you exlpore, the more you learn! 

Playing blame game with destiny won’t help either. You reap what you sow💫

Keep Swimming 🐳

“Life Perks”

थोड़ा है, थोड़े की जरूरत है….

“फिर भी जींदगी खूबसूरत है” ।

Because yes, you cannot have everything in life, but you can utilise to the fullest of what you have…❤

Comparing your life with others is just bootless because you don’t know the battle they are fighting inside!


Let’s keep it simple!

Work hard when it’s time to work and party hard when it’s time to celebrate, don’t put average efforts, this is what everybody is doing around you!

You can do much better than anyone.Put that extra effort because this is what going to change your entire life.

When you are going to travel on your dream path , it’s not going to be easy but yes it will be worth it” 

Remember the proud smile that your parents will have on their face when you will achieve your dream and yes that’s the biggest motivation to live for! ❤

Yes!! you are the Best Teacher!

I don’t remember the time when i started crawling,

All i know is when you saved me from falling.

First time when i learned how to do cycling,
Every time i sensed your heartbeats hiking.

Let it be the Mathematics or the life’s lesson,
I always grasped it with
hardcore attention .

Whether i fall or failed, cried or sobbed,
You picked me up and brushed them off.

Whenever i told you about my whims and fancies,
You always metaphorically reacted considering me a clancy.

You taught me the reconciliation and regimentaion of life,
And raised me like a proud loosestrife.

Ohh yes !!
You gave me the greatest gift anyone could give to another person “the upbringing and Faith in me”
Thank you Papa❤
Happy Teacher’s Day!
Sky has got one more Angel to say hi to!❤💫