Yes!! you are the Best Teacher!

I don’t remember the time when i started crawling,

All i know is when you saved me from falling.

First time when i learned how to do cycling,
Every time i sensed your heartbeats hiking.

Let it be the Mathematics or the life’s lesson,
I always grasped it with
hardcore attention .

Whether i fall or failed, cried or sobbed,
You picked me up and brushed them off.

Whenever i told you about my whims and fancies,
You always metaphorically reacted considering me a clancy.

You taught me the reconciliation and regimentaion of life,
And raised me like a proud loosestrife.

Ohh yes !!
You gave me the greatest gift anyone could give to another person “the upbringing and Faith in me”
Thank you Papa❤
Happy Teacher’s Day!
Sky has got one more Angel to say hi to!❤💫


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