Yes!! you are the Best Teacher!

I don’t remember the time when i started crawling,

All i know is when you saved me from falling.

First time when i learned how to do cycling,
Every time i sensed your heartbeats hiking.

Let it be the Mathematics or the life’s lesson,
I always grasped it with
hardcore attention .

Whether i fall or failed, cried or sobbed,
You picked me up and brushed them off.

Whenever i told you about my whims and fancies,
You always metaphorically reacted considering me a clancy.

You taught me the reconciliation and regimentaion of life,
And raised me like a proud loosestrife.

Ohh yes !!
You gave me the greatest gift anyone could give to another person “the upbringing and Faith in me”
Thank you Papa❤
Happy Teacher’s Day!
Sky has got one more Angel to say hi to!❤💫


“Paranoid of truth”

“Kuch toh log kahenge”

Yes we are POOR not by wealth but by our thinking!!

1.“Uske kapde dekha kitne chote hain” is the favourite HOT topic 😂

Just see your CHOTI soch brothers and sisters!!

2. Blame game is favourite sport over here.

3. Remember “your past is your barometer”. Dunia chand pe pahuch gayi and people still live somewhere in 2009(random year it is)

“Mistakes are committed my humans only if you haven’t done you are not HUMAN”

4. People don’t know where their own life is heading but “can’t bear someone growing and learning “

Just remember one thing life is what you make it.What are you doing and will be doing is more imp than what have you done in past!!

5. Inter-Caste Marriage is the shame on family!!

Like really??we are living in 21st century talking about secularism and end up passing judgements.Who are we to judge??who gave this right to us??

6.People are born to judge and end up saying ” apne ko kya karna hai” have digged already bro what else you can do 😂

7.Gender equality is a far dream.(Though it does not happen in big cities these days because that’s my personal experience. Small cities still need to be more Literate.)

  • You can’t go out in night because you are a girl. 
  • You can’t do late night parties because you are a girl.
  • You can’t have more male friends otherwise your character is in question mark.
  • You can’t booze and smoke because these things have a label “only for boys”.

8.Apart from everything here you won’t be spared in the time you need the deepest condolence!!(Personal Experience) 

“Uske ghar pe **itna kuch hua hai still vo itna ghumti-firti hai”

OMG this is how you all are raised??This is what your family taught you??To pass such cheap comments on someone’s pain??If you all are raised right i am blessed that i am not!!

**here itna kuch specifies the death of my father.

(I really feel sorry for those girls who think like that ‘May god bless with you some brain’ )Being a girl how can you say that?

Dude you don’t know the suffering,  you don’t know the pain and you are passing such lame comments?

You should feel proud and salute to our courage, how we take on life!! 

Instead of that what are you doing?? Shame on you!!i really feel pity!

    This is our INDIAN Society!!

    And these are not ” badi badi batein” these are all the things i have experienced so far(except  5th obviously) !!

    Let’s hope one day people will grow up!!⏳

    #freespirit 🌏

    Detached- Emotional:  Demotional

    “We are family away from family”

    Ohh yes that’s what we quote a picture with all our friends when we are living apart from our family ofcourse  !!
    But you know what.. “Everybody is temporary except our family”. Also family comprises of mom dad and siblings ..That’s it!!

    For rest i have a quote that is pretty much true:

     “यहाँ हर किसी को, दरारों में झाकने की आदत है,
    दरवाजे खोल दो, कोई पूछने भी नहीं आएगा..!!”

    Just chilling ,hanging out with people around you doesn’t mean that they are your friends!! Like “true friends”..
    Making friends and earning friends are two different things altogether!!

    Ohh yess ” HOLI HAI” !!
    P.S : sorry for the late wises but who gives a shit right??


    “Thought  beyond horizon”

    Life seems like a race..for some its a journey..for some its a slow pace..
    When we relate it with race of life..what we encounter is the different phase of life..
    It starts with the race to come in the world and..
    Ends only when we leave the world..
    Let it be the race to secure rank in class..or to be executive class at the age of pepper and salt.
    Whichever or whatever meaning it is just a bowl of cherries.

    When we relate it with the journey..
    What you need to have is loads of pennies.
    So called society plays a deep role in life..Any which ways you have to swim against the tide.
    One thing to be aware of the society..they have nothing to do with your pain or anxiety.
    Their only concern is the happiness of others which they can’t bear..state of uproar or turmoil is the only thing they want to hear..
    In the end..what all we have is the memories savouring and slipping and..holding a poetry for dear life..